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BJ - IIC ZhiNengDuo rotary electric actuator

BJ - IIC/BJM - IIC part rotation series intelligent electric actuator is very important in the process control field control equipment, it can be set by an independent unit or the knob on the non-invasive rapid setting, inspection and consulting. Actuator USES dot matrix LCD, in Chinese, number, displayed in graphics such as actuator torque, the valve position, as well as setting a limit working status and alarm. BJ - IIC/BJM - IIC series electric actuator design is simple and compact structure, complete specifications, the output Angle of 0 ~ 90 ° or Angle to the other, the output torque of 50 n. m ~ 3000 N.m scope to provide the most reasonable solution, widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, light industry, food, papermaking, construction, municipal engineering, environmental protection and other fields.
BJ - IIC/BJM - IIC series electric actuator adopts patent technology of planetary gear transmission mechanism. With the worm gear and worm drive mechanism of electric actuator compared to BJ - IIC series intelligent electric actuators have a lot of technical advantages: the secondary gear and secondary planet gear transmission mechanism, than the worm gear and worm drive mechanism of electric actuator machinery efficiency more than 50%. Gear is made of high quality steel, mechanical wear greatly reduced. Hand/electric switching mechanism is cancelled, thoroughly solved the model USES the worm gear and worm drive mechanism existence's hand switch/dynamic problem of high failure rate. Safe hands/electric switch. Small volume, large carrying capacity, life is more than double. Any speed actuator self-locking. New appearance design, more fashionable and beautiful.
BJ - IIC/BJM - IIC interface flange series electric actuators according to with ISO5211:2001 standard (GB/T12223-2005), at the same time also can according to user requirements of form a complete set of non-standard flange structure. Actuator and the valve with the method of direct connection, can easily with rotary type valve (such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves) and damper and form a complete set, baffle interface driver using the spline structure design, installation Angle is not restricted, and greatly enhance the reliability. After phosphating, coating processing standard shell and the box body can adapt to corrosive working environment, in the form of option, with explosion-proof pressure structure provided by the flameproof products are applicable to type IIA and IIB level T1 - T4 level 1, 2, area place of explosive gas environment of dangerous work environment.
BJ - IIC/BJM - IIC series electric actuators, according to user requirements, increase the option can be added all sorts of function configuration, such as profibus-dp field bus card, Modbus field bus card, card, FF fieldbus card Devicenet fieldbus and Hart field bus card, etc., in order to meet the requirements of all kinds of industrial process control.
In order to adapt to all kinds of bad working condition, we to BJ - IIC/BJM - based IIC series electric actuators, evolved BJ - IICf/BJM - IICf split type electric actuator, it will load independent controller electrical control components, thus separated from actuator, through the cable between the remote transmission control signal, carries on the control and feedback, can achieve BJ - IIC/BJM - IIC series electric actuator is fully functional. BJ - IICF/BJM - IICF split type electric actuators in bad working conditions such as high or strong vibration is widely used.
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