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More special valve electric actuator

More special valve electric actuator
More special intelligent electric valve actuators are widely applied in many intelligent control valve, has the following features:
1, positioning in both directions, namely can forward, also can reverse, choose a nearby principle was adopted in the channel selection, high positioning accuracy;
2, channel, any number can be set up, flexible control mode (local control, remote switch quantity control, remote bus control);
3, the whole Chinese display, menu operation, avoid open debugging, field valve position liquid crystal indicator, valve position detection using absolute encoder, never wear and high positioning accuracy, choose a high precision, good repeatability, wide temperature range and is not affected by the environment, temperature, magnetic field, the influence of factors such as voltage fluctuation;
4, perfect protection function, valve position limit protection, torque overload protection and automatic phase sequence adjustment, instantaneous reverse protection, power supply phase protection, action, electrical isolation protection valve sticking.
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